Training hard, eating well, good quality sleep… these are all obvious things which we know can improve your health and fitness results. But what underpins these factors? Well, one big player on this field is gym community, and here’s why.

Working Out

When trying to improve your health and fitness, I think we can all agree that getting physically active is pretty key. Why, then, do so many people struggle to maintain a workout programme?

I believe this comes down to two things: fun, and accountability.


No matter how good the programme is on paper, if you don’t enjoy it then you will find excuses to slack off. I don’t mean enjoy it like you enjoy going on holiday, or like you enjoy a glass of wine with friends. I mean enjoy it like you feel positive about what you are doing, and a sense of achievement.

When you are part of a strong gym community, you will get more joy from your sessions. Your workouts will become part of your social life, you will be spending time with friends while you are working on yourself.


If you aren’t showing up to your workouts, then your community will check up on you. You will be accountable to more than just yourself, or your coach. You will be accountable to the whole crew. This means that even on the days when you are really struggling to stay motivated, there will be a little voice inside reminding you who’s watching, and who’s relying on you to show up.

Once you’re in the session, the community will still be holding you accountable. Everyone will be encouraging each other to push a bit further, dig a bit deeper, and achieve what they are capable of.

Eating Well

Although the vast majority of your eating happens outside the gym environment, the gym community will still affect your habits.

Once again, this comes down to accountability: you know that the crew will be checking on each other and seeing how they are doing. This might be in conversations in the gym, or on social media (especially if your gym has a Facebook group).

Your friends will not only be thinking about your progress, but they will also be looking to you to keep them inspired as well. This keeps you on track even more, knowing that you can help the others just by cracking on with eating well.

gym community

Results & Achievements

At first, there is a temptation to compare your progress to that of other members of the community. However, you soon realise that everyone is working hard in their own right, and achieving their own goals in their own way.

Once you’re in the groove, focusing on your own progress and not comparing yourself to others, you will still find an added benefit in your tribe of cheerleaders. A good gym community will applaud and celebrate any and all achievements within their ranks. It doesn’t matter what the achievement is, whether the community member is brand new to training or a seasoned veteran, the support will be there all the same.

This external boost adds to your already-buzzing dopamine level, and encourages even more future successes.

Finding a Strong Gym Community

Not all gyms have a strong, supportive community. In fact, many can feel a bit cold, or intimidating.

If you are considering a gym, the best piece of advice I could give would be to head down and check the place out in person. See how the staff and other members interact with you, get a feel for the atmosphere.

If you feel good, if your encounters with the community are positive, then join up and get stuck in!

At F3E we pride ourselves on having a strong, friendly and supportive gym community. If you’d like to see more of what we’re about then check out our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, and find some recent members’ stories here.

Or even better, drop us a message and arrange a time to come and meet us and take a look around!

We look forward to meeting you ūüôā